by Malibu Stacy

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kirk - guitar & vocals
stefan - bass & vocals
chris - drums & vocals

audio clip taken from high fidelity


released February 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Malibu Stacy Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Trying
I'm trying to pick up the pieces of us, but both my hands are full from carrying the weight of all the shit I tried to pull.
Track Name: Holding
I'm holding back from breaking down in front of my real friends. I've lost the will. I gave you everything. It's fucking killing me. I've lost it all. It's fucking killing me. I gave you everything. I'm holding back from telling you to go to fucking hell. I know you don't love me, I knew when you fucked me. What a sin. You ruined everything. You didn't even try. I gave you everything. I don't know what I'm trying for. I can't stand you anymore. I don't even give a shit anymore.
Track Name: Wishing
I wish that we were friends, now instead we're former lovers. Not caring about you wasn't supposed to hurt this bad. Part of me is angry and part of me is proud. Part of me is wishing you were still around. (even the sun has a better chance of touching you than I do). We both know that you can't really count on me for much except to ruin every single fucking thing I touch. And I'll smile when I see you, but you won't smile back because life isn't that simple and it doesn't work like that. Even the sun has a better chance of touching you than I do.